Margaret and Philibert

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The work is inspired by the great love story between Philibert of Savoy and Margaret of Austria, and in the Bois Cathedral built by Margherita for her beloved Philibert.

Technical notes: the work is made of pink clay, it has undergone three firings at 960 °, 980 ° and 700 °. It was decorated with engobes, enamels, lustres in the third fire and wax.
Length 19cm, Height 26cm, Width 14cm

Margaret and Philibert

What will it happen to our love, now that death has taken you away from me?
I will make the white marble tell the story of our eternal love without using sound or words.

The most skilled and experienced hands will allow the beauty of your face to emerge from the stone. His charming and noble features will be those of a young man, as I remember him to be, and will bring to mind the gentle touch of a lover.

Unlike when we were alive, we'll forever be physically close and we will be facing and looking at each other for eternity inside a white treasure chest filled with harmony and beauty.
I'll spend the rest of my life building the cathedral of our eternal love to make sure it is not forgotten. Anyone who comes here will know that my sorrow has been turned into eternal beauty.

Alice Tomelleri


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