Above everything


The work participated in the 25th edition of the "EXHIBITION OF CRIBS OF ITALY" at Massa Martana (MC) Italy.

The Nativity is hand-modelled in pink clay, decorated with engobes and glazes. It underwent two firings at 960 ° and 980 °.

The sculpture is hollow.

The face is as small as a hazelnut and modelled by hand.

The skin is left in natural clay, while the coloured parts have been painted with different hues of engobes (slips) in order to create delicate nuances and plays of colour. I really like playing with colours and decorations.

I apply a little enamel and usually it's glazed.

Length 17cm, Height 30cm, Width 22cm

At the moment of birth, when Joseph was looking for shelter for the imminent delivery, everyone closed the door on them.

Only the ox and the donkey, two humble animals, contributed to support and protect the holy family.

With the love of God and his parents, Jesus was born in the warmth of a stable.

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