Elisabeth and Sir Francis Drake


Technical notes: the sculpture is inspired by the first sovereign of England, Elizabeth I, and the pirate Sir Francis Drake. It is modeled in pink clay, decorated with engobes, glazes and lustres in the third fire. It underwent three firings at 960 °, 980 ° and 700 °.

Length 21cm Height 33cm Width 20cm

My beloved sovereign, what do you want me to bring you? The scent of the wild earth, the gold and the gems that cover the natives, the fragrant fruits and exotic herbs? I know that the treasures of the New World are not enough for her, they are only a substitute for her deepest and most intimate desire.

We look alike she and I, we are two cunning and irrepressible predators. Her desire to hold the helm is overbearing, to feel the wind in her hair and the saltiness on her skin, to cross the immense ocean that alternates pulsing angry waves, to the bright soundless calm.

You thirst for knowledge: this yearning is so strong it is almost physical, like somebody biting into your flesh.
I promise I'll be back my Queen! You'll smell the sea on my skin, you'll hear me softly whispering stories about pirates in your ear. As you listen, you will stare at the horizon, imagining yourself at the helm and your dress will resemble a sailing ship and your collar its sailing.
Sir Francis Drake


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