Wonderful naps


Sleeping with a baby on your belly, feeling its warmth and its gentle weight on your belly induces an intimate and fulfilling sleep.

My three children slept on my and my husband's belly, deep and blissful sleeps, our hearts and breaths danced together to the same rhythm and in complete harmony, dreams and fantasies recurring.

How many beautiful naps we had and how beautiful it is to remember them.

Technical notes

The sculptures are hollow. The face is as small as a hazelnut and modelled by hand. The curls are applied one at a time and are made of delicate strips of clay rolled up on themselves.

Using normal clay of a pinkish hue

The girl's skin is left in natural clay, while the coloured parts have been painted with different hues of engobes (slips) in order to create delicate nuances and plays of colour. I really like playing with colours and decorations.

I apply a little enamel and usually it's glazed.

Length 22cm, Height 10cm, Width 13cm

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