Onde in viaggio


Traveling is vital for me! There have been long periods in my life when I couldn't do it, but thanks to my imagination, I have gone everywhere.

I made many little ceramic creatures with their suitcase and many of them have already flown to distant countries. Now they live in houses that I don't know, but I imagine them to be warm, welcoming and inhabited by free and traveling spirits.

The sculpture is hand-modeled in pink clay, decorated with engobes and glazes. He underwent two firings at 960 ° and 980 °.

Length 11cm, Height 21cm, Width 19cm

The sculpture is hollow.

The face is as small as a hazelnut and modelled by hand.

The girl's skin is left in natural clay, while the coloured parts have been painted with different hues of engobes (slips) in order to create delicate nuances and plays of colour. I really like playing with colours and decorations.

I apply a little enamel and usually it's glazed.


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