A trunk of dreams and yellow butterflies


Have you ever fallen asleep while reading? It often happens to me even when I love the book I am reading! And yet, despite being completely hooked by the plot, I can't help taking a nap: I close my eyes while still holding my book. Then I wake up suddenly and shake my head because I insist on reading my book. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do except sleep: fatigue takes over, so I close my book and roll to one side. This is the beginning of my journey to faraway places, during which my mind is filled with amazing colours and pictures because a chest full of dreams ensures I will go on amazing, if only imaginary, trips!

The sculpture is hand-modelled in pink clay, decorated with engobes and glazes. It underwent two firings at 960 ° and 980 °.

Length 18cm Height 10cm Width 11cm

The sculpture is hollow.

The face is as small as a hazelnut and modelled by hand.

The girl's skin is left in natural clay, while the coloured parts have been painted with different hues of engobes (slips) in order to create delicate nuances and plays of colour. I really like playing with colours and decorations.

The image of a landscape, as small as a postage stamp on which I immortalize a sweet memory that I paint with patience and serenity.

I apply a little enamel and usually it's glazed.

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